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We only bake real, naturally leavened sourdough here at Cannibal Creek Bakehouse.

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Our Daily Bread.

Creating Natural Bread Baked Daily

Pure Natural Ingredients

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All of our bread is created the same way it was a century ago, and it takes over a day to create each batch from start to finish.

Meet The Team: Kane, David, Kanny and Matt

The team at Cannibal Creek bakery are passionate about baking sourdough bread using old fashioned techniques.



Kane is our head baker. His area of expertise is creating tasty blends of ingredients for the range of sour dough breads.

He works his magic where fragrant loaves of fresh sourdough bread are baked in the old Scotch Oven which is 129 years old.



David is the friendly face and  passionate barista calling out a cheery Hello from behind the coffee machine.

He can make you any type of coffee from your normal cappuccino, to an almond milk charcoal latte or a wet spiced chai.



Kanny’s creative genius in the kitchen brings you beautiful food which not only looks a visual feast, it tastes amazing too.

She uses local produce to create her daily feasts which customers enjoy from far and wide.



Matt has recently joined our team as our passionate and talented apprentice.

He keeps the fire well stoked and is mastering the art of baking in our wonderful old Scotch Oven

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What People Are Saying

A few words about us

Organic Stoneground Flour

We choose Organic stoneground flour for our bakery. Stone milling is important as it is gentler on the wheat and thus retains more of the nutrients and enzymes that are lost in the modern roller milling process.

Living Cultures

These nutrients are not just good for us but also for the live cultures present in the sourdough starter, where the beneficial bacteria get a chance to multiply.

Gut Friendly

Out of some 3500 different bacteria in sourdough, Lactic Acid Bacteria are of great interest, as they are known to break down the gluten structure that can cause problems for some people.

Up to 90% of the gluten structure can be broken down before the bread even goes into the oven.

And although our bread is not gluten free, there are some coeliac customers who can tolerate our bread.

It is also much easier to digest even for people with gluten sensitivity (different to coeliac) as much of the “digestion” has been done in the fermentation stage of the bread.

And although our bread is made simply with only flour, water, and salt, (with added fruit or seeds etc) it is full of a flavour unknown to supermarket “sourdough” which is burdened with so many other chemical preservatives and so called bread improvers.

We are lucky enough to use a 125 year old scotch oven (wood fired) for baking all our bread. This adds its own character to each loaf, which is impossible to mimic by other means. The immense heat stored in the masonry oven bakes our bread much quicker than a gas or electric oven, thereby changing the crust, crumb, and flavour of our loaves.

Our Food Policy

We choose to use locally sourced produce from the freshest vegetables from our Suppliers.

The Bean Alliance, Cheffields Country Style Meats, Garfield Fresh Harvest, Gippsland Cheese, Gippsland Jersey, Glorious Googies, Laucke Flour, Mt Zero, Ozone Organics, Little Bertha, Nan’s Pantry, Sharon’s Home Of Patisserie

Our Core Values

We welcome everyone here at our Garfield Cafe and Bakery situated in the heart of Garfield. 

We recycle, reuse left over food scraps to the local Community Garden and to local farmers.


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